Webcasts on Profibus Connection of Infrared Thermometers

By optris in Germany (Series available in both German and English)

Online (YouTube) — Short introduction for the four part webcast series on Profibus* connection of infrared thermometers, the optris models. Profibus considerations are a major network connection method in manufacturing and testing environments where a networked data logging system or control system is being used.

Link to Part 1 – (German) | Link to Part 1 – (English)

To see the rest of the series click on the links below.

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IR Temp Measurement in Plastics Thermoforming

With the Calex PyroMini


PyroMini with optional touch screen interface

Leighton Buzzard,UK — The process of thermoforming a plastic sheet depends critically upon temperature.

Calex pyrometers have been used by leading manufacturers to control heating and cooling in thermoforming for more than 10 years, resulting in increased product quality, consistency and production rates, and a reduction in heating costs.


Forming temperatures typically range from 120 °C to 370 °C. Precise temperature control is required, and the high-performance PyroMini infrared temperature sensor is ideal. Continue reading

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Pilkington Float Glass Process

An Industrial Application for Infrared Thermometers & Imagers

The Pilkington Float Glass Process, with more than 170 plants worldwide today, uses many infrared Radiation Thermometers and, in some cases, Thermal Imagers for process monitoring and control.

The process was developed by the Pilkingon Brothers Ltd. organization in St Helens, Lancashire, UK.

In the 1970s they, in turn, contracted with Land Pyrometers Ltd. (now Land Instruments International Ltd.), in neighboring Sheffield,Yorkshire, UK, to provide specialized single spot radiation thermometers for some of the process’s unique measurements in the “Tin Bath” and Annealing Lehr. Continue reading

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QIRT 2012: Biomedical Applications

Biomedical Applications

The following 23 articles from the International Conference on Quantitative InfraRed Thermography are freely available for download from the QIRT website.

Links to articles related to “Breast Cancer” are not included due to the intense negative criticism the subject has received from some medical studies around the world. We are convinced from these and prior studies conducted in the past that this is not a medically proven application for infrared thermal imaging technology and that the appropriate venue for technical papers on it belong rightly in peer-reviewed medical literature.

Just click on the hot-linked article designators  (e.g. QIRT-2012-nnn) below.

Restoration of finger blood flow oscillations by means of thermal imaging
A.A. Sagaidachnyi, D.A. Usanov, A.V. Skripal and A.V. Fomin

Multimodal All Optical Technique for the Quantification of Dynamic Stress
V. Saxena

Portable, digital telethermocamera for monitoring total hip and knee replacement surgical site healing and the occurrence of septic complications.
C.L. Romanò, G. Manzi, M. Calamita and N. Logoluso Continue reading

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QIRT 2012: Civil Engineering & Buildings

Civil Engineering & Buildings Papers from QIRT 2012

The 18 articles from the International Conference on Quantitative InfraRed Thermography are freely available for download from the QIRT website. Just click on the hot-linked article designators  (e.g. QIRT-2012-nnn) below.

Thermographic investigations supporting diagnosis for fondational and conservative issues: the case study of Anime Sante del Purgatorio Church in Caccamo, Sicily-Italy
A. Bianco

Differenziated degradation by variable environmental esposition: the case study of instrumental diagnostics for Cemetery Church in Messina-Sicily-Italy
A. Bianco
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IR Thermography Saves Energy and Avoids Losses

Downloadable Article by CNA Financial Corporation

cna_logoOnline  —  CNA has published an article “Infrared Thermography — Revealing the Hidden Risks

In the article they state:

“These IR surveys have saved CNA clients an estimated $52 million or about $4 saved for every $1 value of IR survey. These savings include both reduced electrical repair costs and energy savings.”

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Prediction of Complex Hydrodynamic Processes

Application of FLIR Systems X6540sc Thermal IR Imaging Camera

Heat transfer experiments on thin-film flows

Heat transfer experiments on thin-film flows

Meer, Belgium — The Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London (UK) has elected to use a FLIR Systems X6540sc thermal imaging camera to conduct innovative heat transfer experiments on thin-film flows.

Studying heat transfer in thin-film flows is the key to enable the accurate prediction of complex hydrodynamic processes, crucial for the design of many engineering systems that rely on these flows.

Research within the Clean Energy Processes group at the Chemical Engineering Department of Imperial College London is aimed at the development and employment of new imaging techniques for conducting simultaneous spatio-temporal measurements of thickness, velocity, temperature and heat flux in thin-film flows. Continue reading

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