IR Thermography: Errors and Uncertainties

A new book from John Wiley & Sons

2271 visual 4.indd In Infrared Thermography, the authors discuss the sources of uncertainty, including how to quantify these sources, associated with the use of thermal imagers.

This book explains the common misunderstandings in the interpretation of temperature measurements, and provides a metrological evaluation of commercially available infrared cameras.

It suggests how to best estimate the accuracy of thermal imaging instruments, whilst considering the level of accuracy attributed to measurements from these thermal imagers.

Infrared Thermography is primarily aimed at quantitative thermographers, and manufacturers, vendors and users of thermal imagers. This book is also of interest to senior undergraduate and postgraduate students across a range of disciplines such as electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, computer science, and biomedicine.

Infrared Thermography: Errors and Uncertainties

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ISBN: 978-0-470-74718-6
212 pages
November 2009
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