Rad-Pro (Radiative Properties)

From a webpage of Dr.Zhuomin Zhang at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA, USA:

Nanoscale Thermal Radiation Laboratory

In order to achieve high-accuracy temperature measurements in rapid thermal processing (RTP) using lightpipe radiation thermometry, it is critical to be able to determine the radiative properties of silicon wafers with thin-film coatings such as silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, and polysilicon.

A software tool, Rad-Pro (named after Radiative Properties), has been developed for easy calculation and plotting of the absorptance, emittance, reflectance, and transmittance of silicon wafers in the RTP environments.
The calculated results have been verified by comparison with high-accurate spectral reflectance measurements at room temperature.

Download Rad-Pro

The Rad-Pro software (Excel file and calculation module) is attached as a ZIP format, and the Rad-Pro manual is in PDF format.

To download, click following links.

1.  Rad-Pro software (The latest version of Rad-Pro is 1.2)
2. Rad-Pro manual in PDF Format

* Users are welcome to provide feedback for further improvement and upgrade.
There was a problem in the calculation of the hemispherical emissivity in the previous version (version 1.1), but it has been resolved in the current version.

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