152221main_rn_IRorbitorwing300Welcome to IRWeb.INFO & IRApps.com, a Web Guide to applications of Thermal Infrared Radiation Thermometers and Thermal Infrared Cameras, also known as Thermal Imagers.

(Image Courtesy NASA: Infra-red image of the Orbitor’s starboard wing, taken with the EVA IR Camera.)

It provides a searchable repository of stories and commented web links to resources for those interested in correctly using IR Thermometers, Infrared Thermal Imagers, Radiation Thermometers, Line Scanning IR Thermometers, and thermal Infrared Night Vision devices.

It also is a place where users may share their experiences easily by commenting on any previously published article and resource paper or by submitting their own stories of successes and failures.

Even more so, hope you benefit and return to share. That’s the way the Web works best!

Best wishes,

Ray Peacock

G. Raymond Peacock
Temperatures.com, Inc.


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