Why Use Thermal Radiation Thermometry & Thermography?

There’s a simple answer and some detailed ones A. Simple Answer: Because there’s just no other way to get the data or Image. Period.      End of story. B. Three Not-So-Simple Answers: Basically because they are often the only practical methods … Continue reading →

How to interpret & choose the correct (IR) camera…

One Hour Free Webinar: Now available for on demand viewing By: Markus Tarin, President & CEO, MoviMED Online  —  Infrared imaging technologies can be deployed in an array of applications, including machine vision and security and surveillance, but a number … Continue reading →

Measure temperatures that are changing rapidly

Application Story from FLIR Online — How do you measure the heat of an object that is moving fast or changing temperature rapidly? Traditional temperature measurement tools such as thermocouples or spot pyrometers don’t offer the resolution or speed* needed … Continue reading →

Infrared Inspection of Installed Photovoltaic (PV) Systems | Info Via Infraspection

Standard for Infrared Inspection of Installed Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Burlington, NJ, USA — Infraspection Institute has announced the release of a new standard titled, Infrared Inspection of Installed Photovoltaic (PV) Systems. Covering both ground-based and aerial inspections, the new standard … Continue reading →

Webinar: Continuous Thermal Imaging Inside a Glass Melt Tank

On-Demand 1 Hour Webinar: Link to Online Resource Online  — Attendees of this presentation will learn how AMETEK Land’s NIR Borescope allows continuous thermal imaging inside a glass melt tank. Conventional thermal imaging inside refractory lined furnaces, boilers, and glass … Continue reading →

IR Apps in The Very Real World: Automotive Manufacturing

Dan Simon from GM Shares His Years of Successful IR Apps!! Online  —  Dan Simon spent many years working with Infrared technology in the Labs and plants of General Motors and some of their suppliers. In this video and others … Continue reading →

IR Inspection of Electrical Systems

Webinars, 2-Day Classes, Online Course and articles Online — IR Inspection of Electrical Systems is a two-day theory and application course  at the Infraspection Institute for the use of thermal imaging to locate and evaluate problems in electrical distribution systems. … Continue reading →