IR Inspection of Electrical Systems

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Courtesy: FLIR Syatems

Online — IR Inspection of Electrical Systems is a two-day theory and application course  at the Infraspection Institute for the use of thermal imaging to locate and evaluate problems in electrical distribution systems.

This is a non-certification course that focuses on this single application. Course attendance may be applied to training requirements for thermographer certification.

Infraspection offers both a classroom course ( and an online learning program for this specific application (

The Snell Group also runs a similar applications course that runs for two days and recommends that students learn their Level 1 fundamentals as a balanced prerequisite. ( Continue reading

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An Introduction to Infrared Camera/Component Testing

By Santa Barbara Infrared (SBIR)

Santa Barbara Infrared (SBIR) has put together a series of videos on electro-optical testing.

The videos focus primarily on the infrared spectrum but many of the topics can be applied to the visible region of the spectrum as well.

This first video is a quick introduction and sets the tone for future videos. It is online at ( and posted here, too.

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Veterinary applications of infrared thermography (IRT)

AJVR coverAm J Vet Res. 2016 Jan;77(1):98-107. doi: 10.2460/ajvr.77.1.98.

Steven I. Rekant, DVM, MPH; Mark A. Lyons, DVM; Juan M. Pacheco, DVM, PhD; Jonathan Arzt, DVM, PhD; Luis L. Rodriguez, DVM, PhD
Foreign Animal Disease Research Unit, Agricultural Research Service, USDA, Plum Island Animal Disease Center, Greenport, NY 11944;. (Rekant, Lyons, Pacheco, Arzt, Rodriguez);
Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, Plum Island Animal Disease Center Research Participation Program, Oak Ridge, TN 37831. (Rekant, Lyons, Pacheco, Arzt, Rodriguez)


Abnormal body temperature is a major indicator of disease; infrared thermography (IRT) can assess changes in body surface temperature quickly and remotely. This technology can be applied to a myriad of diseases of various etiologies across a wide range of host species in veterinary medicine.
Continue reading

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Don’t let cold air escape | Identify leaks with a thermal infrared camera

Cut your energy losses

By Testo Limited
testo-thermal-imaging-faulty-sealsThermal infrared imaging is a versatile technology used across a number of industries.

One of the main advantages is that all tests can be performed quickly and without any contact with the equipment, therefore minimising any disruption to production.

Thermal Infrared Imaging Cameras can help drastically reduce downtime and improve energy efficiency in the food processing sector; this technology is often used in food processing facilities both for maintenance and monitoring food product temperature and levels.

Component wear, and subsequent failure, is one of the biggest causes of unplanned downtime and any increase in operating temperature is an early indicator of potential problems. Continue reading

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Industry Applications: Success Stories From Raytek

Online and an online e-book

Screen shot 2013-02-01

Raytek infrared (IR) sensors have been used successfully in a wide range of industrial applications. While it is impossible to document all of our customer successes, we are working hard to refresh this list regularly.

You can help them, us and yourself!

Don’t see your application listed?

Let Raytek know your details and they will work together to find a solution for your unique process.

Let us know what works and we will publish here with your Byline and a brief Bio. Continue reading

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FLIR Quark 640 Thermal Infrared Imager in a Small UAV

FLIR QUARK 640 Tops Competition

Quark and Sky-Watch

Quark and Sky-Watch

Online — Based in Denmark, Sky-Watch has integrated a FLIR Quark 640 longwave infrared thermal sensor into their Huginn X1 drone to give customers a thermal vision option.

Originally, the X1 was designed to manage a single payload. But due to FLIR Quark 640′s compact size, Sky-Watch has been able to design a dual-payload version that is capable of simultaneously operating a FLIR Quark 640 thermal camera core and a visible spectrum camera.

Sky-Watch’s main customers are within emergency management, which covers fire brigades, police, security, and search and rescue.

All of their customers have in common the need to see at night so they can find missing or camouflaged people. Night vision cameras were too bulky for their platform. Continue reading

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QIRT 2014 Papers on Imaging & Data Processing

2014 QiRT Logo

Image & data processing

QIRT-2014-018: Thermal non-destructive testing: Localization of hidden defects

  1. Hatefipour, J. Ahlberg, J. Wren, A. Runnemalm

QIRT-2014-020:Infrared Image Stitching Based on Immune Memory Clonal Selection Algorithm

1 Tong Hejun, Fu Dongmei, Dong Lin and Yang Tao

QIRT-2014-023: New concept for higher accuracy in measuring position to be implemented with the existing prototype automated thermography end-effector utilising an industrial robot and laser system

  1. Dutta, T. Schmidt

QIRT-2014-028: Defect detection strategies in Nickel Superalloys welds using active thermography

  1. Fernandez, A. Beizama, A. Garcia de la Yedra, A. Echeverria, P. Broberg, A. Runnemalm

QIRT-2014-029: Fast estimation of the phase diagram of a binary system using infrared thermography

  1. Cadoret, E. Palomo del Barrio, J. Daranlot Continue reading
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