IR Apps in The Very Real World: Automotive Manufacturing

Dan Simon from GM Shares His Years of Successful IR Apps!!

Online  –  Dan Simon spent many years working with Infrared technology in the Labs and plants of General Motors and some of their suppliers. In this video and others he introduces us and a class of students to some of the key ways to successes that he proved worked.

It’s more than dealing with the technology involved. He had to prove that this technology saved his organization real money and justified his way into creating one of the best examples of a Job Done Right.

He helped create a model program that is the envy of many other NDT specialists, process analysis experts and thermographers world-wide.

There are several other YouTube short videos that accompany the one above and the entire program is available online for free, just by asking for the 1 hour plus video on DVD.

The other segments are shown below, but if you jump to the very last page in this series all the links are together on the one page (hint).

What is Thermography

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IR Thermography Saves Energy and Avoids Losses

Downloadable Article by CNA Financial Corporation

cna_logoOnline  –  CNA has published an article “Infrared Thermography — Revealing the Hidden Risks

In the article they state:

“These IR surveys have saved CNA clients an estimated $52 million or about $4 saved for every $1 value of IR survey. These savings include both reduced electrical repair costs and energy savings.”

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Prediction of Complex Hydrodynamic Processes

Application of FLIR Systems X6540sc Thermal IR Imaging Camera

Heat transfer experiments on thin-film flows

Heat transfer experiments on thin-film flows

Meer, Belgium — The Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London (UK) has elected to use a FLIR Systems X6540sc thermal imaging camera to conduct innovative heat transfer experiments on thin-film flows.

Studying heat transfer in thin-film flows is the key to enable the accurate prediction of complex hydrodynamic processes, crucial for the design of many engineering systems that rely on these flows.

Research within the Clean Energy Processes group at the Chemical Engineering Department of Imperial College London is aimed at the development and employment of new imaging techniques for conducting simultaneous spatio-temporal measurements of thickness, velocity, temperature and heat flux in thin-film flows. Continue reading

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Real-time welding process monitoring at speeds up to 10,000 fps

With NIT’s Uncooled MWIR Sensors

Madrid, España — According to American Welding Society, welding will become increasingly automated as it is integrated into the entire manufacturing design and coordinated with improved information systems like real-time infrared monitoring.
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Thermal cameras help Indian aluminium industry optimise production

FLIR Systems P660



“For JNARDDC, the P660 camera is an ideal solution for cost-effective and efficient predictive maintenance “(Courtesy

From an online article in InfoLink, Australia’s Architecture, Building, Construction and Design Directory, comes the following success story about use on a high tech thermal imaging camera by FLIR Systems:

“The Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development and Design Centre (JNARDDC) is employing FLIR thermal cameras to help the Indian aluminium industry save energy and optimise the production process.
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SSE Sensitivities (Size-of-Source)

In Most IR Thermometers or Radiation Thermometers

SSE Poster image

Online — A recent online copy of a significant technical poster, Size-of-Source Effect Sensitivities In Filter Radiometers, (Authors: M. R. Dury, T. C. Arneil, G. Machin and M. Goodman), on the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) website  is now freely available as a PDF (1.05MB) download online on the NPL web site.

The introduction to the article begins:

“When performing high accuracy radiation thermometry, the size-of-source effect (SSE) of a filter radiometer* can provide a significant contribution to the uncertainties** associated with the measurements.” Continue reading

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Cleaning An IR Camera Lens

A Infrared tip from the Snell Group’s website on “Cleaning Your Camera Lens


Image: Courtesy The Snell Group

Online — Cleaning your infrared camera’s lens is a rather simple procedure if you understand the seriousness of what you are doing as well as the consequences of doing it incorrectly.

First, know that the lens of an IR camera can be very expensive. Continue reading

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